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Appetizers, Salads, and Soups

Red Tuna Salad

Lightly seared red tuna and greens with house dressing


Salmon Skin Salad

BBQ salmon skin and greens with house dressing


Sunomono Salad

Cucumber, noodles, seaweed, and seafood salad


Sashimi Salad 

Chef’s choice of assorted sashimi mixed in assorted green salad with Korean sweet chili sauce


Tako Salad 

Octopus and greens with house dressing


Tako Kimchi 

Octopus, cucumber, and kimchi sauce


Agedashi Tofu

Lightly fried tofu w/ condiments



Boiled soya bean



Boiled spinach w/ sesame sauce



Japanese Pork dumplings


Hamachi Jalapeno 

Fresh yellowtail topped Kaiwari Tobiko & Jalapeno/Ponzu



Japanese potato croquette. Breaded crumbs outside.


Soft Shell Crab

Deep fried soft shell crab w dip sauce


Tofu Salad

Assorted vegetables and house dressing sauce


Vegetable Salad

Greens with house dressing sauce


Wakame Salad 

Assorted seaweed with sesame seeds


Miso Soup

Soya bean paste soup 



Steamed rice


Sushi Rice

Rice w/ sushi vinegar


Sake Kimchi Canape

Fresh salmon w/assorted vegetables topped Kaiwari & Korean Kimchi paste


Seafood Ceviche

Assorted seafood salad


Tataki with Salsa

Choice of lightly breaded fried Salmon or Tuna with Japanese salsa



Minced octopus ball W/Takoyaki sauce & mayo


Tuna Tortilla 

Crunchy Tortilla chips topped w/ tuna, radish sprouts & jalapeno. Drizzled w/spicy mustard honey dill sauce 



Grilled skewered chicken w/ teriyaki sauce


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